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Kuru Aravinthan's Profile

Kuru Aravinthan - Writer, Teacher, Accountant

Kuru Aravinthan was born in the town of Mavidapuram, Kankesanturai in Jaffna, Srilanka. He is a Srilankan Tamil Author, Essayist and Movie play writer.

Kuru Aravinthan has been one of the pioneers of Tamil fiction in Canada, and has received praise and recognition world –wide for his work. He has been writing short stories for the last decade and more for popular Tamil Naadu magazines. Some of his stories were translated into other South Indian languages for publication in those language journals.

One of Aravinthan’s most popular story appeared in Anandavikatan filling 24 pages in the Pavalavilla year magazine and has to its credit that five artists drew pictures for the story titled “Submarine,” which is something unique and never before done. That story gained the admiration of more than 1,000,000 readers and profuse compliments poured from the readers.

Subsequently when Anandavikatan editorial board in a Quiz asked the readers later on as to who wrote that story, 45,261 correctly said that author was Kuru Aravinthan which shows how much he has captivated the minds of Tamil Naadu readers. His short stories and article also have appeared in Vikatan Deepavali Malar and Pavalavilla Malar.

Kuru Aravinthan’s short stories also have appeared in other popular weekly magazines of the Newspapers of Kalki, Kumudam and Kalaimagal in Tamil Nadu, Veerakesari and Thinakkural in Sri Lanka, Villinam in Malaysia,Uthayan, Veedu and Thural in Toronto, Irusu and Shangamam in Montreal. Puthinam in the United Kingdom, Vettimaiy in Germany, Uyir Nilal in France and Yugamayini in Tamilnadu. His stories also appear regularly in the electronic media like Pathivukal, Neithal, Thinnai, Tamil Authers and Kumutham.com.

In a short story contest organized by the Uthayan Newspaper, Kuru Aravinthan’s short story was adjudged to be the best and was awarded a gold Medal In 2007 Kuru Aravinthan’s short story won the first place in the short story contest organized by the Canadian CTR radio to commemorate its 10th year of founding and won the best award in writer Gandarvan short story contest – 2008. The popular Sri Lankan Tamil Newspaper Veerakesari at its Millenium issue credited Kuru Aravinthan’s short story as the best story of the year.

His Kurunovel ‘Ammavin Pillaikal’ also won the Yugamayini Best Kurunovel award -2009 in Tamilnadu. Also His Kurunaval won the Kalaimagal International award - 2011 for his 'Thayumanaver' Kurunaval from Tamilnadu, India,

Kuru Aravinthan’s contribution (Tamil Aaram) towards children education and literature are noteworthy. He has been one of the pioneers of Tamil children Literature in Canada and involved himself in stage plays (Drama), Tamil Cinema as well. He has written the script for the films ‘Sugam Sugame’, Veali and Sivaranjani. He is actively involved in the social fabric of society as well. Kuru Aravinthan also awarded 10th year Volunteer Service Award from Premier of Ontario. Canada.

There in lay Kuru Aravinthan’s true talent, his ability and talent to blend and merge fact and fiction to create a world where one becomes conscious of intricacies and the importance of remembered history. In addition, his ability to vividly retell events, as to make the reader feel immersed in the events, further set Kuru Aravinthan apart from his peers. His ability to situate readers into the retold events, and engross, previously ignorant people into the life and trials of the Tamil population have made Kuru Aravinthan’s work that much more powerful, as it becomes a tool in helping the world understand and sympathize the plight of the Tamil people.

Mr. P. Kanagasabapathy
Ex-Principal, (Mahajana College.)
TDSB - Consultant

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