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CEO - Sivagananathan. K - The dual role of a CEO

The dual role of a CEO

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To be an effective CEO one must be a manager and leader,
 says Ranjith Fernando

By Cheranka Mendis

To become an effective CEO, an individual must subjugate himself to the functions of the Board of Directors,

be familiar with the function of the company model and play the dual role as a manager and leader – bringing in both a stabilising effect as well as a destabilising effect to the company.

Speaking at the memorial oration on the 12th year remembrance of late K. Sivagananathan, highly respected banker and financer of our time, Ranjith Fernando who has acted as Director/CEO of NDB, Secretary to Ministries of Industries and Constitutional Affairs listed key pointers that would make a company CEO an effective one.

The oration was organised by the trust in association with the Association of Professional Bankers Sri Lanka and was followed by a Memorial Trust Award Ceremony took place at the BOC Head Office in Colombo 1.

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