Monday, March 3, 2014

Sivagananathan Kurunathapillai

Memories of Our Loving Brother

Dearest Brother

K. Sivagananathan

The shock of hearing that my brother had passed away was extremely hard for me to handle. Memories I had of him were very loving and it makes me proud every time I remember them. The one person who guided me through life was no longer there to help me. The bond that we had was very touching. He was everything an older brother was supposed to be, a leader, a guardian, an advisor, and much more. We came from a loving family consisting of four brothers and two sisters. Our father Mr. A. Kurunathapillai was the Principal at Nadesweara College Jr. at Kankesanthurai. At a young age, our father passed away and my eldest brother became the dominant person in the house. His name was Siva but all the older individuals would refer to him as Rasa, which means the king. He set high standards for all of us to follow.
Anna always made sure we were all right and every now and then inquiring about our health, job, and how the children are doing. While I was doing my G.C.E O/ Level exam, my brother came from Colombo for vacation. Our family always gave him royal treatment. The day I walked him to the railway station for his journey back to Colombo, he told me about how he has strived hard to achieve success in life. The walk was about ten minutes and he used the time to give me advise about the value of education and about the role I played in the future of the family. The way he talked was unique, he never forced anyone to follow his advice but it was something great about him that just seem as it was the right thing to do. In that small amount of time, he influenced me to change my life to establish a purpose in my living. When I was admitted to the Institute of Chartered Accountancy, he helped me get into an audit firm. He advised me to join the Maharaja Organization. As my oldest brother, he helped me a lot in arranging my marriage.
Upon his saner advice, I decided to leave Sri Lanka and move my family to Canada. Moving to a new country was hard for us but my brother would always call to make sure we were all right. In 1997, I produced a Tamil education video called Tamil Aaram. I personally invited him to preside the meeting at the release of the video. He accepted my invitation with hardly any hesitation and gave us a lot of moral support. As my kids grew older, he would often advice them too about the value of education. It brought back memories of the same thing he would tell me. My kids were proud of the things he had accomplished and looked upon him as a role model. As my writing career developed, he encouraged me to compile and publish in the form of a book. I invited him to come to my book release in April 2002 and he happily accepted my invitation.
We are really sorry that his untimely a sudden demise had made it not possible for him to be there physically but I am sure his soul will be there on that day with his perpetual smile, blessing me. Anna, I dearly admire you for everything you have done for me. I know I wouldnt be here if I never took your strong advise. Along with my family, Mala, Aruchunan, and Annanth, you have a solemn sanctuous place in our hearts. You are a special man who will always be remembered for the caring love you gave us all.
Your Loving Brother
Kuru Aravinthan

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