Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Story - Letter From Daughter


Kuru Aravinthan

 Two letters had arrived.  One was the much anticipated DNA report.  The other letter was with a familiar beautiful handwriting.  He opened that one first which was from his

The letter was from his fifteen-year-old daughter.  He read it with great interest.

“Dear Father,

I don’t know if I will be able to call you ‘father’ hereafter.  But before you receive the DNA report I would like to express something to you personally. 

‘Father means affection.  Father means love.  You were everything for me.  Maybe it was mother’s negligence, meanness and selfishness that brought me closer to you than to her. ‘

How could you give me affection and love and keep your heart like a stone?  I never thought that the misunderstandings between you and mother would lead to a divorce.  I didn't consider it seriously though my mother yelled that I was not your biological daughter.  But when you looked at me and raised the question “Whether I am your daughter?” it hurt me enormously. 

I don’t know why parents refuse understand what’s going on in a child’s heart.  I am frightened to think about my future.  I am a question mark in everybody’s eyes.  This incident has had a severe impact in my emotions. 

Father, I have a final request for you.  If what my mother said was true, the DNA report will prove it.  The same moment, I will be someone else for you.  Before that happens, I want to meet you for one last time.  I want to lean over your shoulders and cry out loud from my heart.  Will you come to see me at least once without being stubborn?” - Divya.

He was very upset after reading the letter.  The child is being punished for the unthinkable acts of parents.  What mistake did he commit to deserve a divorce?

A wife who was very obedient in the early years of marriage turned uncontrollable as time went by.  The frivolous fights which started on petty incident continued even after the birth of the baby. 

He had money.  She had her youth and beauty.  It was an arrange marriage, according to her parent’s wishes and not hers. He was not aware of this until now.  She wanted to hide her family circumstances and so she led her life with him.

“Did this marriage take place without your consent?” 

“Yes, nobody paid heed to my wishes as a girl.  Looking at your wealth, my father dumped my love and my desires.”  She said bursting into tears.

“Love?” he asked surprisingly

“Yes, love.  I was too close with my lover thinking that we would get married one day.  But providence had brought you in between us. I can’t bear this agony any longer.  At least now, please grant me freedom by giving me a divorce.

“So, how did u manage living with me for such a long time?”

“Only my body was living with you, not my soul.  I cannot cheat myself and live with you any more.  I want freedom from this hell.”

“If there is going to be separation, nobody can stop it.  But then what about our daughter?”

“Our daughter?  Who said she is your daughter?”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“Yes, you are not the father of Divya.”

“Hey look, don’t play with our lives.”

“I am not playing.  But it is the truth and absolute truth.”

He was shocked to death.

“So, Divya is not my daughter?” he asked soberly


“Lie, you are just lying to annoy me.  Just get out if you want to be separated.  But please do not torture me this way.”

“So now, you want me to prove that Divya is not your daughter, Is that so?”

“Oh, God! It is unbearable please.”

“I will prove it once and for all.”

It seems as though the hearts of people are going to be torn apart with these kinds of betrayal.  She planned this in order to insult him.  She forced Divya to undergo the DNA tests during her holidays. 

He went to Divya’s convent.

Divya was happy to see him in her hostel at the visitors place.  She manage to ask “Did you get the letter that I wrote?”

“I got it.”

“Did you get the DNA report?”

“Yes, I got too.”

“Has it come already?”

Her face was saddened and she wanted to know about the results.  “I thought so when you were standing drooped.  You must be knowing the truth now.”

“Yes, I know.”

“So, what my mother said was all true?”

“No, your mother lied.  She didn’t want to live with me.  Just to get a divorce from me, she humiliated me that way.”

“Dad, what are you talking about?”

“I saw the DNA report.  You are my daughter without any doubt.”


“Whatever the world says, you are my daughter.”

“Daddy!”  She came running to them hugging him and crying out her tears sobbing loud.  She wanted to cry her heart out.  

“Don’t cry my dealing.”  He wiped her tears away with all the love in the universe.  She stopped crying and looked at him. 

“I won’t cry anymore, I have a father.”  She held his hands and laughed into them with great joy. 

He returned home.  As soon as he came home, he took the DNA report and tore it into pieces without even opening it.  He felt relieved.  To achieve this serenity, the cost he paid for it to be enormous.  He signed the divorce papers sent by his wife saying, ‘Totally accepted’.  His wife said that she would not reveal the results of the report to her daughter as their personal agreement.  The court might take some time for to approve their divorce but for Divya it is eternal happiness.

(Courtesy - Kalki weekly Magazine, India)

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