Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Ballet- The Four Temperaments - Rubies - Cacti

This was an amazing performance. Great job to the dancers in Cacti, 
Rubies and the Four Temperaments.  
We Canadian Tamils are proud supporters of the Canadian artists 
who create our collective image.

The National BALLET of Canada.:

The National BALLET of Canada is privileged to have it's own full
Orchestra with over 60 members.  The National ballet of Canada is
regarded as the premier classical ballet company in Canada.
The National Ballet School was founded in 1959 by Celia Franc

The Four Temperaments:

Set to a rich and evocative score by Paul Hindemith.
The Four Temperaments is a variations based on the ancient concept of the four humours - melancholic. The Four Temperaments challenged all the senses in a new venue of jarring inventiveness.

The Four Temperaments


Rubies is the centerpiece in Ceorge Balanchine's master work. Blatant athleticism and classical positions turned inside out are the counterpoints of the Ballet.

Rubies & Cacti


Cacti, the first co- production between The National Ballet of Canada. Boston Ballet and Atlanta Ballet, is a witty, tongue - in - check, thought provoking work by Swedish choreographer Alexander Ekman that satirizes modern dance and the critical response.

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